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Why this orchid has such a longated middle part of its lip I do not know, but it looks so nice.

The circular ring markings on this plant belong to a Common Spotted orchid.  Very strange!!!

The two large photos above, and the smaller one on the right, showing the leaves of the orchid were shown to me by my 'Midanbury Contact'.  I assumed that they were hybrids, but a good friend of mine has told me that they are most probably 'Hyperchromic variations'.  Now I do not get too involved with Chromosone counts and the like, but it is so nice to have friends tell you about something that you had no knowledge of.  And that is where the sharing of information means so much.  So, hyperchromy it is.

Some more hybrids and strange sightings.

Ophrys tenthredinifdera or the Sawfly Ophrys.  Just this one plant found growing on the clifftop below the village of Langton Matravers in Dorset in 2014. What a superb plant.

Sometimes we just get lucky.  I had noticed this Bee flying between the Heath spotted orchids with what looked like a few pollinia on its head..........and so after dashing about after it, I finally got the shot that I was after.  I have never seen so many pollinia on a Bee's head. And a question that I asked myself was: as there are also many Heath fragrant orchids growing side by side with the Heath spotted, are there two types of pollinia on its head?

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